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Design Studio Press

Pulse: The Complete Guide to Future Racing

Pulse: The Complete Guide to Future Racing

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PULSE features Harald Belker's vision of the future of racing. There was a time when the fastest means of travel was a jet, but in 2035, private conglomerates have harnessed magnetic levitation (Mag-Lev) to create trains that get people from place to place to place in a fraction of the time.

To advertise the cutting-edge technology and sheer speed of Mag-Lev, events were held with a handful of machines and fearless racers. Within a few years, PULSE Racing Grand Prix were hosted in major metropolitan areas with the funding of the cities.

The world of Pulse racing is introduced and illustrated via elaborate drawings and digitally rendered futuristic vehicles while telling the story of an adventurous young man thrown into the whirlpool of an all encompassing and physically grueling sport. Through captivatingly sleek and futuristic images, the audience follows the racers to the limits of speed and power while they are barely on the ground. The sleds force their drivers to the edge of human endurance while keeping the racing fans on their feet in excitement and enthusiam. Tactics and rules make the outcome of the race a nail bitter until the end as you never know who will emerge victorious in this incredible world of futuristic racing.

Author: Harald Belker
Publisher: Design Studio Press
Published: 07/27/2011
Pages: 176
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 2.62lbs
Size: 10.00h x 11.55w x 0.68d
ISBN: 9781933492858

About the Author

Harald Belker is a force of nature in the area of automotive design with a list of design credits that include the Smart, the Batmobile for the Warner Bros. Batman and Robin film, and the futuristic cars of Steven Spielberg's Minority Report including the sporty red Lexus. Other movie credits include vehicle design for Armageddon, Inspector Gadget, Cat in the Hat, Spider-man 1 and 3, Iron-man 1 and 2 and recently Tron Legacy.

Harald Belker graduated with honors with a B.S. degree in Transportation Design from the Art Center of Design in October 1990. He started his career at Porsche in Germany and soon joined Mercedes Benz Advanced Design in Irvine, CA, ultimately leading to his current prolific role in the entertainment design industry.

Clients outside the movie world are Kaenon Polarized, Mattel Toys, Jada Toys, Hasbro, E-bike, Rockstar Games, Giro, Digital Domain and many more.

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