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Skyhorse Publishing

Screen-Free Family Activities: Things to Do Together at Home, Around Town, and in Nature

Screen-Free Family Activities: Things to Do Together at Home, Around Town, and in Nature

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365 activities for play and adventure without screens: having fun with your family and without technology is possible!

Children spend a lot of time with their screens, and while it's true that there are many alternatives to screen-time, many modern parents don't know where to look for these opportunities. In the absence of inspiration, this book proposes 365 activities to play without screens for the whole family.

Activities are designed to be enjoyed in different spaces such as at home, in the city or town, and in nature. Completing them as a family will create positive emotional bonds, reduce stress, and teach children empathy, love, and respect.

Montessori-inspired Ideas range from crafts and hobbies to everyday activities (singing in the rain, jumping on the bed, taking bubble baths) to outdoor activities like treasure hunts and gardening. Each project has a photo or illustration; an appropriate age range listed; a season; and a time for how long to play.

Each activity is a different idea with the same objective: to strengthen bonds and help pass the time in a way that helps you grow as a family.

At Home: Mystery Box, Bubble Beards and Hairdos, Painting on the Windows, Art on Continuous Paper, Camping at Home
Around Town: Observe an Anthill, Feed the Pigeons, Crosswalks, Visit a Museum, Reusing Napkins, Playing "I Spy"
In Nature: Pick Flowers, Count Rings in a Tree Trunk, Build Mandalas with Rocks, Get Muddy, and Make a Nature Candle

Author: Zazu Navarro
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Published: 03/15/2022
Pages: 184
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 2.40lbs
Size: 11.02h x 8.58w x 0.87d
ISBN: 9781510767157

About the Author
Zazu Navarro has always been interested in the social aspects that led her to study social education. Committed to society and willing to change things, she began her career as an educator of people with diverse functions. After forming a beautiful family with Sergi, her little Mafaldo was born and things began to make sense: it all starts in childhood! Enchanted by the naturalness of childhood, she embarked on new learning that has given her the opportunity to train as a Montessori guide and become certified as an educator of positive discipline families. Since then, she has not stopped learning, feeling the need to share with more and more people the importance of a respectful education through her blog She believes that the family is the best school of life. She dedicates her energies to learning, respecting, and accompanying her family members. Zazu is convinced that education for peace will only be possible if each person insists on it in their own homes.
Teresa Cebrián hopes to make everyone smile with her illustrations and to encourage their imagination soar with the feelings they had in childhood. In her other profession, she is a user experience designer, where her goal is to make sure people using applications she designs will continue to use them. Thanks to the autumn elf and to Pepe and her beautiful family, she can combine these two professions that share something in common: looking to make life a little easier and more cheerful for people. Her main motivation is to put love and care into the things she does so that tomorrow everything is a little bit better.

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