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Sea Glass Crafts: Find, Collect & Create Stunning Projects Using the Ocean's Treasures

Sea Glass Crafts: Find, Collect & Create Stunning Projects Using the Ocean's Treasures

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Learn to make stunning crafts with these beautiful sea gems!

Sea glass is the beautiful result of broken glass being naturally polished and smoothed by the ocean's currents for extended periods of time. These beautiful jewels become weathered and frosted from abrasion and erosion in salt water, giving them a distinctly beautiful, jewel-like appearance that is perfect for all sorts of crafting!

Sea Glass Crafts includes more than twenty step-by-step projects for you to create beautiful works with your collection of sea glass. Accompanying each project are beautiful full-color photographs that visually aid readers in the instructions as well as display of the finished product. From jewelry to other lavish lifestyle crafts, this book will give readers the skills needed to learn the art of creating beautiful homemade pieces.

Sea glass can be purchased in bulk online, but it is way more fun to collect on your own. On your next trip to the beach, when you find yourself swimming in these treasures, be sure to utilize the lessons in this book to create something truly homemade, unique, and beautiful. It's a perfect activity for anyone interested in jewelry making or crafting, or for someone looking to learn a new hobby.

Author: Rebecca Ruger-Wightman
Publisher: Racehorse
Published: 04/05/2022
Pages: 144
Binding Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9781631586903

About the Author
Rebecca Ruger-Wightman is the founder and editor of Beachcombing Magazine, the first print periodical devoted to sea and beach glass. She is the owner of Beach Bum Glass, LLC, which publishes Glassing, and promotes the Buffalo Beach Glass Festival. Under the Beach Bum Glass name, she creates one of a kind beach glass-framed artwork, shown and sold at select festivals around the country. Rebecca has authored several books and novellas of fiction, and has won various writing contests.

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