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Core Relationship Coaching

Soul Statements: A Love Coach's Guide to Successful Communication

Soul Statements: A Love Coach's Guide to Successful Communication

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If you long to become a more confident and graceful communicator, Soul Statements is for you. It offers a direct path to personal empowerment by teaching you how to effectively turn the voice in your head into a constructive ally.

Soul Statements helps you access your own wisdom, values and voice to affirm what is good and true about yourself. Expect your capacity to love and care for yourself and others to expand as you increase inner clarity.

Each chapter has a wealth of simple, yet potent tools for relieving stress and upgrading your communication, mindfulness and connection - so you that can find healthy relating and lightness with family, friends and co-workers. Soul Statements plugs you into your own unique and essential voice, enhancing intimacy not only with yourself, but all of life.

Soul Statements will help you do the following:

Inner dialog can be your worst enemy and lead you over the cliff of despair. Inner dialog can also be your ally and a lifeline to a better life.

Prepare yourself to meet someone new and not repeat old patterns.

Achieve deep and light-hearted connection with a new or current beloved.

Improve communication in order to move beyond tension with a partner (while not suppressing your spirit).

Improve self-care as a busy person.

Understand your partner better and respond in a more empowered way.

Find the answers in your center. Apply your soul's knowing to counteract confusion, distress or forgetting.

Apply tools to lift yourself out of an old story and bring attention to what is right. Choose to connect to your soul and body wisdom.

A potent state is always available. The question in any given moment is whether you will step up and claim your sovereignty and clarity.

Balance the momentum of the world with inner stillness. You can access your truth anytime you wish. You just have to stop listening to the noise of everything else. Every moment is a date with your power. Soul Statemetns will make your inner alignment available.

Author: Corey Lyon Folsom
Publisher: Core Relationship Coaching
Published: 09/19/2023
Pages: 210
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.55lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.44d
ISBN: 9798218188856
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