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Rockridge Press

The Beginner's Guide to Alchemy: Practical Lessons and Exercises to Enhance Your Life

The Beginner's Guide to Alchemy: Practical Lessons and Exercises to Enhance Your Life

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Transform your mind and soul to find your highest self with this alchemist book for beginners.

There's a lot more to alchemy than turning lead into gold. Alchemists are committed to not only the transformation of actual substances with elements but also the transformation of themselves. The same process that transforms base metals into higher metals can be used to transcend "leaden" souls into enlightened, "golden" souls. This beginner's guide teaches you how to refine the baser parts of yourself (such as your fears, doubts, and anger) and take actionable steps to uncover your truest, enlightened self with practical lessons and thought exercises.

Learn how alchemy marries physical, practical pursuits with the spiritual and mental pursuits of self-transformation with:

  • A brief history of alchemy's roots and basic principles, including its three primary facets: physical, spiritual, and mental.
  • An overview of the materials that craftsmen used centuries ago, as well as the technologies and techniques that were available at the dawn of the scientific revolution.
  • Insightful activities and introspective journaling exercises that make alchemy relevant and accessible to you.
  • Illustrated vignettes on notable alchemists, like Nicolas Flamel, Christina of Sweden, and Albert Einstein.
  • An overview of the phases of the path toward self-transcendence: including Nigredo, Albedo, and Rubedo, among others.

Bring positive change into your life with the transformative powers of alchemy in this beginner's guide.

Author: Sarah Durn
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Published: 05/05/2020
Pages: 146
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.80lbs
Size: 9.30h x 7.90w x 0.50d
ISBN: 9781646117475
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