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Five Leaf Clover Publishing, LLC

The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life): Transform your work and life with One-Day Success

The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life): Transform your work and life with One-Day Success

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Change your day. Change your year. Change your life. All in one day. The Day.

The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life) challenges the conventional views of work and personal achievement by sharing the transformative power of a single day.

At 28, Doug Fleener was broke, unemployed, and in the throes of alcohol and drug addiction after ruining his family's business. In recovery, Doug learned techniques to rebuild his life one day at a time. As he evolved personally and professionally, Doug realized the principles which saved his life could also be applied to success in business.

This approach launched a successful career, taking Doug from a store manager to a director at Bose Corporation to CEO. He is now an international keynote speaker, coach, and business advisor.

Throughout this journey, Doug refined a methodology to help companies and individuals achieve long-term results by focusing on intentional, purposeful daily actions and results.

The Day Makes the Year presents six straightforward principles:

  1. The Day. Everything you want or need in the future is created in The Day. Everything. Today.
  2. Taking Responsibility. Your superpower for personal and professional success (cape is optional).
  3. Intentional Actions Create Intentional Results. Prioritize what matters most.
  4. Practice Relentless Simplicity. There are almost always one or two things that matter most.
  5. Improve Three Things Daily. In a year, you and your work are 1,095 times better.
  6. Give to Get. The more you help others, the more you help yourself. That's a great ROI.

Each principle is brought to life through relatable stories, examples, and practical success practices that demonstrate how small daily choices compound to create lasting change and higher results.

While inspired by recovery, this book is not a recovery book. It offers an accessible framework for anyone seeking to enhance their professional and personal growth. The Day Makes the Year will help you to:

- Adopt an empowering mindset to shape your future

- Own and leverage your decisions, actions, and reactions

- Prioritize actions aligned with your most important goals

- Apply simplicity to remove unnecessary complications

- Build resilience through self-development

- Achieve progress through a commitment to daily growth

- Give to and help others, and in return, help yourself

- Create the success and happiness you desire and deserve

By applying the principles in The Day Makes the Year, you can stop anticipating success and start creating it through your intentional efforts. Transform your life and success trajectory in just one day. The Day.

Author: Doug Fleener
Publisher: Five Leaf Clover Publishing, LLC
Published: 08/29/2023
Pages: 222
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.54lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.51d
ISBN: 9798988776208
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