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Biggerpockets Publishing, LLC

The House Hacking Strategy: How to Use Your Home to Achieve Financial Freedom

The House Hacking Strategy: How to Use Your Home to Achieve Financial Freedom

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Learn to harness the ultimate recession-proof real estate investing strategy--house hacking offers lower-income housing options with incredibly low vacancy rates.

House Hacking 101: Don't pay for your home--hack it and live for free!

Savvy investors have been using a clever strategy in real estate for decades--and now, you will learn exactly how to perfect this trade secret! When mastered, house hacking can save thousands of dollars in monthly expenses, build tens of thousands in equity each year, and provide the financial means to retire early. In fact, the average house hacker can turn a single-family home or small multifamily property into a cash-flowing investment. You can collect rent that completely covers your living expenses--and then some!

House hacking doesn't have to be a mystery. Discover why so many successful investors support their investment careers with the house hacking strategy--and learn from a frugality expert who has "hacked" his way toward financial freedom. Serial house hacker Craig Curelop lays out the in-depth details so you can make your first (or next) house hack a huge success.

Inside, you will learn:

  • What house hacking is, and why it's one of the best methods for building wealth
  • The incredible connection between house hacking, wealth building, and early retirement
  • The different types of house-hacking strategies you can use--no one size fits all here!
  • How to get started house hacking--even with low income or low savings
  • Strategies to house hack with a family, spouse, or independently
  • How to find the ideal house-hack property--even in a competitive or expensive market
  • Property management strategies to make ownership a breeze
  • Stories from real estate investors all over the country on their house-hacking triumphs, mishaps, and their purpose behind financial independence
  • Fans of the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement will love this simple real estate strategy. House hacking makes it easy to save more money, make more money, and accelerate your path to early retirement!

    Author: Craig Curelop
    Publisher: Biggerpockets Publishing, LLC
    Published: 10/17/2019
    Pages: 200
    Binding Type: Paperback
    Weight: 0.85lbs
    Size: 8.70h x 6.00w x 0.90d
    ISBN: 9781947200159
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