The Official John Wayne Handy Book of Bushcraft: Essential Tips & Techniques for Surviving in the Wild

The Official John Wayne Handy Book of Bushcraft: Essential Tips & Techniques for Surviving in the Wild

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100 Tips and Techniques for Surviving and Thriving in the Wild

If there's one thing John Wayne admired, it was someone who could stand on their own two feet and take care of themselves no matter what the day might bring. As a lover of the outdoors, he understood the challenges that come with living in the wild. It was a point of pride with Duke to play so many pioneers and explorers in his films - people with the skills that enabled them to master a life on their own far from the edges of civilization.

The editors of The Official John Wayne Magazine are proud to publish The Official John Wayne Handy Book of Bushcraft - just the thing you need to prepare for a safe, satisfying backcountry trip.

The book includes 100 tips and techniques for surviving and thriving in the wild, from making your own tools out of found materials to hunting your own game without a weapon or fishing pole. You'll find detailed step by step guidelines for:

- Finding or building tools and supplies to help you face whatever the wild may throw your way
- How to capture, collect and cook food
- Protect yourself from harsh weather, extreme temperatures and unfriendly wildlife
- Navigate by the stars, the sun and the wind

Written by Billy Jensen, a former Green Beret, and Check Freedman, the Handy Book of Bushcraft provides the information you need to prepare for any wilderness situation and respond to the unexpected with confidence and skill.

Author: Billy Jensen, Editor The Official John Wayne Magazine
Publisher: Media Lab Books
Published: 11/30/2021
Pages: 256
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.35lbs
Size: 8.12h x 5.43w x 1.22d
ISBN: 9781948174824

About the Author

Billy Jensen is the CEO of Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team. He grew up in the Rocky Mountains and was a Boy Scout, Civil Air Patrol Cadet and avid fan of John Wayne. John Wayne's movie "The Green Berets" motivated Jensen to become an Army Special Forces NCO (Green Beret) with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jensen is a graduate of US Army Combat Medic School, US Army Cavalry Scout School, US Army Special Forces School, SERE School, Jungle Warfare School, and Anti Terrorism Instructor School. As a civilian, Jensen is an ASHI Level 6 medical response instructor who regularly teaches Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Survival, Orienteering, and Anti Kidnapping and Hostage Survival. Jensen is also a Krav Maga Practitioner and co-author of Survival Ready.

Check Freedman is the COO of Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team. She is a graduate of SERE School and has implemented her survival skills in more than 20 countries, covering six different environments, including Mountain, Arctic, Desert, Jungle, Urban and Water. Freedman has been a survival instructor since 2013, and is a rappel master, ski instructor, technical scuba diver, bush pilot, self-defense instructor, an executive protection specialist, a Level 6 ASHI Emergency Medical Response Instructor and a Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue Ground Team Leader. With Jensen, Freedman is the co-author of Survival Ready.