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The Place Promised in Our Early Days

The Place Promised in Our Early Days

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In the Cold War era of an alternate history, the Soviet Union has taken control of the northern island of Japan and cut it off from the rest of the country. Just south across the strait, a boy named Hiroki is fascinated by the mysterious tower the Soviets have constructed on the unreachable island, and he and his friend Takuya decide to build a plane that will take them over to see it. As they work, a girl named Sayuri becomes a part of their lives and the promise to one day fly to the tower. But when she disappears without a trace, their promise I left unfulfilled-possibly forever.

Author: Arata Kanoh, Makoto Shinkai
Publisher: Yen on
Published: 11/17/2020
Pages: 192
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.75lbs
Size: 7.60h x 5.40w x 1.10d
ISBN: 9781975318697

About the Author
Makoto Shinkai is a director, manga artist, and a writer known for works such as your name., The Garden of Words, and 5 Centimeters Per Second.

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