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Morgan James Publishing

The Virtual Entrepreneur

The Virtual Entrepreneur

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The Virtual Entrepreneur box set is for entrepreneurs who want to run their business from anywhere. It offers a complete system including the entrepreneurship book, a journal for readers to follow along with, and a membership in VEA (Virtual Entrepreneurs Association).

The Virtual Entrepreneur tells the business strategy parable of Ash Jeffry, a burgeoning businessman, who creates failure in his promising life. His wife, Indira, is his saving grace as she stands by him to the end. After inspecting his life through rigorous East Indian spirituality, his future unfolds, but only after reaching into the depths of his hell. His counterpart is Rock Anderson, the Golden Boy of business, a man who both teaches and guides Ash to self-realization.

Through The Virtual Entrepreneur, readers are inspired to create their personal entrepreneurial success stories with the journal while receiving the tools, community, resources, and education to actually make their dream a reality with the VEA membership.

Created by Daven Michaels, a 30-year business veteran and New York Times bestselling author. Michaels is founder of the premiere outsourcing center 123Employee as well as the founder of the the Virtual Entrepreneurs Association, a global network of home-based business owners.

Author: Daven Michaels
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Published: 03/03/2020
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 2.85lbs
Size: 9.75h x 13.25w x 2.50d
ISBN: 9781642795714
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